Here is a list of projects I am, or have, worked with. Mostly published here to keep track of everything.

Active Projects

Sensible Change Minnesota

Launched a 501©4 affiliate to Sensible Minnesota in late 2018. Currently serving as Treasurer to the Board of Directors. My primary responsibility with this organization is fundraising and donor relations, however, I also assist with digital content creation and spend time lobbying on behalf of the organization at the Minnesota State Capital.

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Sensible Minnesota

I started volunteering with Sensible Minnesota in early 2017. Over the summer of 2017, I served as the organizations “Community Outreach Intern”. After the completion of my internship, I was elected to the Board of Directors, where I first served as Secretary before being promoted to Vice President in the winter of 2018. I was chosen to serve as the Board President and Technology Director in the fall of 2019.

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Twin Cities DanceSafe

I helped launch the Twin Cities chapter of DanceSafe with other SSDPers in 2017. I continue to serve as President of the organization. We provide harm reduction services, drug and sex education materials, and advocate for active engagement in the deconstruction of rape culture in the local nightlife community

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Inactive Projects

Hamline University Students for Sensible Drug Policy

I started a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy my freshman year at Hamline University, and continued to be involved within this organization throughout the entirety of my time as a student there. The organization went defunct for a short period of time, but is starting to be revived by a new student.

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